Water Polo

Water Polo is Great for Fitness

If you want to get in the absolutely best shape of your life, then give water polo a try. It takes more endurance than soccer, more strength than football, and more grace than basketball. It will test reserves of strength that you never even knew you had. In short, it will make a chiseled warrior out of you.

The average American walks a quarter of a mile a day. The average water polo player swims 1.5 miles during a game. Those are extremely hard miles, as well. The players sprint back and forth after each change of possession.
With that kind of effort, it is easy to see why water polo players are some of the fittest athletes o­n the planet.

The rules of water polo are very simple. Two teams with six players and o­ne goalkeeper each oppose each other. Each team has a limit of six reserve players. The players substitute for each other in much the same way hockey players do. There are also “power play” situations after a penalty, as in hockey.

Ferdinando Gandolfi
The players shoot at each other team’s goal, and the team with the most goals at the end of the game is the winner. The game is divided into four quarters, and most games have quarters that are eight minutes in length.
The teams are distinguished from each other by contrasting colored caps. The goalies both usually wear red caps. Players have to constantly stay afloat, usually by a technique of treading water called “egg-beating.” Players are o­nly allowed to touch the ball with o­ne hand at a time. There is a referee that enforces minor and major fouls.

It is a simple game that promotes an awesome level of fitness in its players. Give it a try!