Surfing Basics

Surfing Hawaii
Surfing is a popular sport that must be taken seriously by the novice surfer. The new surfer must have the proper equipment, understand the basic rules and know their physical limitations before hitting the waves.

Surfers who are new to the sport should not spend a lot of money o­n their first surfboard and leg rope. While learning the sport, the board will be scratched and dinged o­n a regular basis. A large, foam constructed board is recommended. This type of surfboard is stable and the softness will help minimize any injuries that may occur from falling off and o­n the board.

Warm water surfers may want to purchase wetsuit shorts whereas cold water surfers will need the warmth of a full wetsuit. A wetsuit keeps the body warm when a layer of water gets trapped between the wetsuit and the surfer’s skin. The body heat from the surfer warms the trapped water which then acts like a warm layer of insulation.

Making the drop
The rules of surfing are similar to the rules of driving. It’s important to be aware of your surroundings and always check the surfing conditions before leaving the shore. In the water, know where other surfers are positioned at all times and respect the basic wave rule in which the wave goes to the surfer who is closest to it.

Surfing is a physical sport and each new surfer must know their physical limitations. Small waves should give the novice plenty of practice and confidence. Make sure to o­nly paddle out as far as you can comfortably swim back in an exhausted state. There is the possibility of losing the board and needing to swim back to shore.