A Snorkeling Adventure

The beauty of a coral reef is undeniable. Corals, anemones and tropical fish highlight unique underwater terrain in an unforgettable rainbow of colors. Children, families and adventure lovers of all ages enjoy gliding over a new underwater world together.

Avid scuba enthusiasts know the most brilliant colors and interesting observations occur close to surface. Snorkeling provides access to the best scuba adventures at a fraction of the cost. For snorkeling, necessary equipment is minimal. Special training and certification are not required.

Basic gear includes a mask, snorkel and fins. These items are widely available o­nline for negligible cost. In addition, a few safety precautions are recommended especially if swimming with small children.

snorkelers elkhorn reef
A cheap safety vest may have a drawstring connected to a CO2 cartridge. o­nce pulling the string, the vest inflates automatically. A plastic whistle is a great way for a small child to ask for assistance. Underwater flashlights are always fun for looking under ledges and perhaps a night swim. A mesh tote bag provides a handy way to organize and rinse gear in fresh water when finished. These items are optional.

When o­n vacation, the temptation of rich foods may easily add a few unwanted pounds. An underwater adventure may provide a healthy alternative. Anyone who desires a strenuous workout will discover that swimming quickly with fins still requires effort. Diving down more than 15 feet is always challenging for everyone but the best skin divers.

After a coral reef adventure, it is time to relax. A refreshing tropical drink always tastes better o­n a great beach. Even in tropical climates, water temperature remains well below surface temperature. Relaxing in the sun and comparing notes is the best time to plan a new trip.