Sailing is a great hobby to get into. You might even say that sailing has a degree of timelessness to it. When Columbus sailed across the Atlantic, he was in a sailboat.

Although sailing can be a bit more expensive than other hobbies, it is well worth the extra money. Most of this extra money is to buy the boat, but of course you can always sell it when you are done with it (probably to upgrade!).

One of the great things about sailing that most people probably don't realize is the community aspect of it. There are many late night parties o­n the lake exclusive to sailboat owners. o­ne of my favorite memories is spending the evening of July 4th in the middle of the lake, with about 10 other sailboats all anchored in the same place. We tied the boats together and cooked food, had drinks, and watched the firework show when the sun went down.

US Sailing Team
There is nothing more exhilarating than feeling the wind rush through your hair as your boat slices through the water. Then you'll yell out: "Prepare to come about!" to your crew members. This is an order to your crew members to switch the sail to the other side of your boat. Yes, there's a whole new vocabulary that you'll need to learn if you are to become a sailor.

While everyone else o­n the lake is puttering around o­n their jet skis or in their motorboat or o­n their dinghy, you will be gliding majestically and silently through the water like a swan.

For anyone considering taking up sailing as a hobby, I can't recommend it enough. Some of my best times were o­n my sailboat.