Fishing Fundamentals for Beginners

If you’ve decided that you want to take up fishing as a hobby, several fundamentals need to be mastered before you load up your gear and head for the most promising body of water. The most important include the following:

First of all, you’ll need to equip yourself with the tackle you’ll need for the particular type fishing you plan to do. Before you buy anything, ask the advice of a skilled and experienced fisherman—he’ll advise you as to what type fishing you should do in your area of the nation.

You need to learn how to tie fishing knots; instead of trying to learn numerous knots, you should settle o­n the “uni knot.” This is an excellent knot for almost all kinds of fishing and it’s not hard to learn how to tie it. You can go to your computer (or your library’s) and simply enter uni knot in the search engine. That will bring up explicit instructions o­n how to tie this knot. You should practice it at home—using monofilament fishing line—until you can tie a perfect knot in the dark.

After you have purchased your basic equipment (a rod, reel, and fishing line), practice casting in your yard or an open area that’s free of distractions. Here again, ask the advice of a veteran fisherman o­n how to cast. Books and magazines are also available at book stores or your library that include the necessary instructions.

You’ve chosen a wonderful hobby. Being o­n the water or shore of a lake o­n a quiet day with the sun shinning and birds singing will do wonders for your mental outlook o­n life.